Your day is better than these people's - Take a look!

January 15, 2017 - 527 Views - 7 Shares

Everyone has a bad day now and then, and if luck seems to be turning against you, taking a look at these people’s problems can help you feel better about your own situation!

Even if things are looking gloomy, they probably could be gloomier. So peruse these masters of catastrophe and realize that hey, things aren’t so bad after all.

1. The mother of all sunburns – clearly caused when dozing off after some ice cream!

worst day 1

2. Frozen in place until spring

worst day 2

3. Why garages get paid to clean dashboards sometimes

worst day 3

4. Toppling over the rail

worst day 4

5. The joys of learning to drive

worst day 5

6. The police have bad days, too

worst day 6

7. The $64,000 question is – now what?!?

worst day 7

8. Looks like that ceiling was made with cheap materials

worst day 8

9. Taking their medicine

worst day 9

10. He’s going to need a second mortgage. Maybe a third.

worst day 10

11. New upholstery needed

worst day 11

12. That entire car is probably worth less than the Ford’s door that it just caved in

worst day 12

13. Speaks for itself

worst day 13

14. Try explaining that at future job interviews

worst day 14

15. 1/16 second to a call for paramedics

worst day 15

16. Cars and water just don’t mix

worst day 16

Cheer up – you don’t have it so bad!


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